Vindex Consultants, LLC provides a range of services,  intelligence-led security and investigative solutions with the added value of extensive international experience.


Our Services

  • Investigations
  • Civil and criminal litigation prep
  • Security Consultations (Business and Individual)
  • Training



How We Can Help You


  • We are seasoned investigators and negotiators with experience at the national and international level. 
  • We are the liaison between our clients and their issues.
  • We have a network of highly accomplished associates in multiple fields of expertise.  
  • We are a well-rounded company with the rare ability to seamlessly serve government, communities, corporations, and people.

What We Provide

  • We provide consultation, protection, prevention and prosecution for vulnerable people and groups.
  • We build cooperation and trust through our highly coveted ethical practices and commitment to clients.
  • We, when possible, will collaborate with the appropriate official authorities.
  • Through our attorneys or the attorney of your choice, we will assist our clients in defending and protecting themselves and managing their risk.