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Child Custody


A Child Custody battle is single-handedly the most important event to securing the well-being of your children.  Our private investigators have the knowledge and expertise to conduct investigations into the care or lack thereof of your child/children. 

You and your closest friends and relatives know that you are the best fit parental figure for your child/children; the next step is encouraging a Judge. 

The professionalism and determination that accompanies our investigation surrounding the custody of your child will bolster your legal standpoint giving you the facts you need to sustain a healthy relationship with your child/children.

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Key Deciding Factors:

The courts will base their child custody decision on the “best interest” of the child/children.  If a child custody agreement cannot be reached between you and your spouse the court has custody hearings to evaluate the potential guardians.  Specifically speaking there is a repertoire of determining factors that influence the granted custody of your child/children and are as follows:

•    Lifestyle choices, overall health, and schedule of parents as they promote a stable environment 
•    Criminal activity past or present, criminal record if applicable, and/or involvement in any criminal element
•    Any evidence supporting the presence of child neglect or abuse 
•    Domestic Violence occurrences or any happenings pertaining to such an event
•    Alcohol and/or Drug abuse of a parent
•    Capability of providing suitable food, shelter, and education
•    The ethics and morals of a parent
•    The physical and emotional well-being of a parent
•    The general atmosphere of a parent’s living space
•    The parent’s eagerness to promote a healthy relationship with the other parent
•    Disregard shown to any strain of legal processes (i.e. hearings, subpoenas, etc.) included in the custody battle 
•    The appropriate financial position of a parent
•    The parent’s association with anyone possessing a criminal history or criminal record

If your estranged spouse is engaging in any negative activities endangering the safety of your child/children that would consequently negate he/she’s adequacy in obtaining custody of your child/children Digital Video Surveillance with documented reports paralleling the events captured will be presented before the court and judge.

We understand that any separation or divorce is a very emotional time in one’s life. Utilizing a skilled team of investigative experts can reduce incidents of false accusations, substantiate legitimate allegations, and ensure that a child’s well-being is first priority. When children’s safety is in question, it is always best to be certain. If no questionable behavior is uncovered, everyone can feel secure knowing the child is in safe hands.

Paying support and or lack of support is another area some individuals elect to avoid by means of declaration of unemployment. However, many times these individuals are working but chose not to disclose. Our mandate is to work as diligently possible to expose these integrity breaches. Contact us today and set up a free consultation with one of our team members to discuss your options.