Cheating Spouses

& Infidelity


Infidelity cases need to be confidentially and professionally investigated. Our team of investigators are specifically trained and experienced in dealing with the investigation and surveillance of cheating spouses. 

We conduct discrete surveillance as your spouse or significant other proceeds with his or her daily schedule. We offer legally compliant reporting that will give you peace of mind and control as you decide on your next steps. 

Signs of Infidelity


  • Sudden change in schedule or routine
  • Working later than usual
  • Change in dress or appearance
  • Unexplained ATM withdrawals or credit card charges
  • New group(s) of friends
  • Change in habits or behavior
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Hiding or locking cell phone
  • New interests
  • On edge or anxious

Get the answer before you confront them

If you suspect your significant other of cheating, then you deserve to get the answers that will give you peace of mind. Be sure to look for the signs before making any accusations. An unfounded accusation will not stand up in court and may leave you in a very vulnerable situation. Our investigators will help you to verify or nullify your suspicions with a solid YES or NO answer.

Questions to ask:

Does your partner suddenly care more about their appearance?  

For example: Working out, weight loss, tanning, new undergarments and clothes, not wearing their wedding bands.

Is your spouse's phone and/or credit card bill going to an address other than your home address?  

For example: Using their work address or a P.O. Box number

Does your spouse have an unexplained change in work schedule? 

For example: long lunches, working late, happy hour, out of town trips, not inviting you to attend company events anymore.

Is your spouse continuously on the internet or texting on their phone at all hours?

For example: protective of their phone, new passwords, blocked calls or numbers, frequent private calls, late night or hang up calls, taking calls outside or on the patio.

Does your spouse seem to disappear on the weekends?

For example: new projects at work that require his or her attendance on the weekend or late into the evenings.