Expectations and Goals: The primary goal of the VIT program is to prevent violence in educational and business institutions, as well as other organizations. "Threat/Risk Managers" and executives will be trained in our violence intervention and prevention program. They will learn to operate and manage a multidiscipline team to prevent and or mitigate violence. The goal for executives is to learn the program so that they can implement well balanced policies and regulations that will govern the program. These policies must comply with legal, ethical, and constitutional standards. Behaviors that are recognized and proven, to the best degree possible, that potential actor(s) who are a danger to themselves or others will require authorization from executives for intervention by law enforcement (when a crisis appears eminent) or mental health clinicians when the level of concern is determined. A further goal or expectation of the course is to demonstrate the value of our training in preventing violence and the potential for helping those who display behaviors that require intervention or any child who is at risk.