Vindex provides a range of investigation services,  intelligence-led security and investigative solutions with the added value of extensive domestic and international experience. 


Our Mission


Our mission is to offer clients the freedom to pursue and deal with complex and confidential issues, while tailoring customized investigative solutions to fit clients needs.   

How We Can Help You


  • We are seasoned investigators and negotiators with experience at the national and international level. 
  • We are the liaison between our clients and their issues.
  • Our investigators are former federal agents, attorneys and former international operatives.
  • We have a network of highly accomplished associates and consultants in multiple fields of expertise.  
  • We are a well-rounded company with the rare ability to seamlessly serve government, communities, corporations, and individuals.

What We Provide


  • We provide consultation, protection, prevention and prosecution for vulnerable people and groups.
  • We build cooperation and trust through our highly coveted ethical practices and commitment to clients and their investigative needs.
  • We, when possible, will collaborate with the appropriate official authorities to ensure that all investigations are lawful and ethical, however client confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us.
  • Through our attorneys or the attorney of your choice, we will assist our clients in defending and protecting themselves and managing their risk.

Learn About Us


Robert Baker, MS

President and CEO, Vindex Consultants

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) 

Special Agent Criminal Investigator (ret).

United States Marine Corps

Personal Protection Specialist and Certified Compliance Agent 

State of Virginia



Kimeu Boynton, JD

Director of Legal Affairs, Vindex Consultants

Former Human Resources Director (labor and immigration law specialist)

EEO Training and Mitigation



Edward Macias, MS

Edward Macias, twenty Years international experience as a Senior Operations officer for CIA.

Primary focus; Counter Insurgency, Intelligence Collection, and Counter Narcotics.

Operated world wide with focus on Latin America, and Asia in both TDY, and PCS tours.


Levon Boyd, MS

Chief Education Officer and Director of Strategic Partnerships

Former Vice President of Business Development for Thompson Hospitality LLP

Consultant and Contract Specialist for many Fortune 500 Companies